Shri Guru Nanak Convent School

SHRI.GURU NANAK CONVENT SCHOOL situated at 3KM stone, Tohana Road Dulat, Bhuna. SGNCS was eastablished in year with perspective of impacting education so that the fragrance of it can be felt in years to come. The school has grown from a modest beginning Into a centre of intellectual. cultural and educational excellence. The school is devoted to promote value based education. The school enriches the students with the intellectual and practical skills necessary to meet the challenges of the future.

Childhood is a crucial period of a child's development. Research has proven that brain forms as many as 700 neural connections per second by the age of five. Providing the right stimulus at this age which is developmentally appropriate is absolutely vital. This is what Prime Steps, Shri.Guru Nanak Convent School endeavours to do, so that the tender hearts not only get academically trained but also evolve and flower into sophisticated, cultured, confident and responsible youth of tomorrow

We at Shri. Guru Nanak Convent School have a specialised polishing and grooming cell that caters to the soft skills development of the student. It follows a schematically designed programme and it deals with the area like :)

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